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Terje Stømer - Articles and news items

SBB from Switzerland becomes Eress 6th. Partner

Rail industry news / 5 March 2014 /

Eress organisation announces that SBB, the Swiss Federal Railways, officially becomes Eress 6th. Partner…

Finland becomes fifth Eress partner

Rail industry news / 10 January 2013 /

The Eress organisation has announced that the Finnish Transport Agency has officially become the fifth partner of Eress…

How much longer can we afford to wait?

Issue 5 2012 / 19 September 2012 /

Terje Stømer, Energy Director from Jernbaneverket, comments on the importance of using actual energy consumption data from trains for billing purposes.

The path to a more competitive railway runs through efficient and reliable measuring of energy consumption. Correct measuring of actual consumption is the key to a more effective, environmentally-friendly and economical railway. Through the understanding of their actual energy consumption, train operators can improve their rolling stock, driving style and operation, and thus enhance not only their own, but in fact the entire competitiveness of the railway sector. So, the need to manage energy consumption is obvious. But in order to manage, we have to measure and handle the data coming out from meters, i.e. related to international traffic information and how to correctly invoice train operators.

Today, the energy consumption used by train operators is mostly estimated, based on weight and distance. This model provides no incentives for improving efficiency; the price is the same regardless of the actual consumption. But more importantly, the model provides no opportunity for improvement. Without measure ment, control is impossible, and efficiency becomes just a word.