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TEN-T - Articles and news items

Open competition launched for Design Guidelines of the Rail Baltic/Rail Baltica Railway

Rail industry news / 9 January 2017 /

RB Rail AS has announced Design Guidelines for Rail Baltic/Rail Baltica Railway open competition to provide engineers with a standardised approach to its design.

Foreword: From road to rail – a pan-European challenge…

Issue 4 2016 / 25 July 2016 /

After 17 years of construction and building costs totalling almost €11 billion, the big day finally arrived at the beginning of June 2016: the inauguration of the 57km-long Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland which attracted much international attention highlighting the European dimension of centennial projects of this kind. Together with the Ceneri Tunnel still under construction and other projects in Italy, the tunnel has a key role within the European TEN-T core network. It once again showcases the relevance of international cooperation with neighbouring countries – in this case, Germany and Italy – for a corridor’s capacity and long-term perspectives. The much reduced travel time and the gains in efficiency promise impetus for combined cargo transport via the corridor from Rotterdam to Genova…

€250m EIB loan to finance Poland railway infrastructure upgrade

Rail industry news / 22 April 2016 /

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has provided funding for a €250 million upgrade of Poland’s railway infrastructure along the TEN-T North Sea–Baltic Corridor.

Delivering change to South East Europe

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 7 April 2016 /

Ahead of his article in European Railway Review Issue 3 2016, Nedim Begovic – Transport Planning Manager at the South East Europe Transport Observatory (SEETO) provides a quick overview here of the latest developments of the Core Regional Transport Network MoU…

Vital Estonian infrastructure renovation to ensure safety and quality

Issue 2 2016 / 23 March 2016 /

On 5 November 2015 railways in Estonia celebrated their 145th anniversary. Over the course of nearly one and a half centuries, Estonia has seen various governments in power and different principles, technology and tools employed in railway construction. With some important repairs already finished, Sulev Loo, Chairman of the Management Board – General Director of Estonian Railways Ltd., highlights what is next on the list of projects to bring more of its infrastructure up-to-date…

€82 million funding for Kosovo railway modernisation

Rail industry news / 8 December 2015 /

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission (EC) have announced an €82 million investment package for Kosovo railway modernisation.

Second call for Connecting Europe Facility fund launched

Rail industry news / 9 November 2015 /

The European Commission has launched the second call for proposals of the Connecting Europe Facility allocating €7.6 billion to finance key transport projects.

Member states approve €13.1 billion EU transport investment plan

Rail industry news / 13 July 2015 /

The 28 member states that make up the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) coordination committee, have endorsed a €13.1 billion EU transport investment plan put forward by the European Commission in June 2015.

TEN-T Days conference gets underway in Riga

Rail industry news / 23 June 2015 /

The two day transport conference known as TEN-T Days, organised by the European Commission and Latvian Presidency, aims to close the gap between Member States’ transport networks.

A long-term and clear outlook for the Czech Republic railway network

Issue 3 2015 / 4 June 2015 /

As a result of a key decision adopted in the early-1990s to modernise the Czech railway network, the construction plan of the rail transit corridors will be implemented by 2020. It was determined that four rail transit corridors were to be featured on the railway network, establishing the most important domestic and international connections. Most importantly, even now, the demanding parts of the tracks remain to be modernised. Despite these challenges, Dan Tok – Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic – assumes that the majority of these sections will be finalised within the next five years. Here, he takes a look at the future developments for the Czech railway system…

Progress made on Czech high speed rail project

Rail industry news / 23 April 2015 /

A joint venture has been appointed to establish the new Czech high speed rail project part of Trans European Transport Network’s Orient/East Med core corridor.

EU TEN-T Programme provides funding for Vienna rail network

Rail industry news / 31 March 2015 /

The European Union’s TEN-T Programme has provided 1 million Euros of funding for a study preparing the construction of a new rail link between Münchendorf and Wampersdorf (via Ebreichsdorf) in Austria.