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Talgo - Articles and news items

Renfe awards high-speed train contract to Talgo

Rail industry news / 28 November 2016 /

Spain’s national train operator Renfe has awarded a contract to supply and maintain up to 30 hi-speed trains to Talgo.

Russian Railways’ rolling stock investments

Issue 3 2013 / 23 May 2013 /

Today, passengers expect speed, comfort, and safety. Russian Railways intends to exceed all of these expectations and we believe it is impossible to achieve these goals without investing in modern rolling stock.

Talgo is awarded the contract to renew and expand the intercity passenger train coaches of the national railway company of Kazakhstan

Rail industry news / 11 November 2010 /

Talgo and KTZ last week signed an agreement…

Talgo: at the forefront of high-speed railway technology

Issue 4 2009, Past issues / 21 July 2009 /

The effect of implementing a high-speed network in Spain has been incredibly positive and it has created a ‘before and an after’ effect in the Spanish railway sector. Not long ago, trains were competing against cars, but nowadays trains are in competition with planes and this radical change shows the technological jump that the railway sector is going through thanks to high-speed worldwide.

Talgo 250: versatility and success of commercial operations

Issue 3 2008, Past issues / 28 May 2008 /

The Talgo 250 was originally developed to meet Renfe’s needs to operate the latest generation of high-speed trains in an indistinctive manner on the Spanish rail network which operates on the traditional 1668mm gauge with 3000 v D.C electric supply and for the new high-speed lines, designed and built in 1435mm standard gauge with 25 kV. AC electric supply.

Talgo 250: a fine example of train development

Issue 4 2007, Past issues / 30 July 2007 /

Talgo’s main objective since the establishment of the company in 1942, has been the constant research and development of innovative, simple and efficient solutions for railway operators – not only in the field of rolling stock, but also in providing integrated maintenance services customised according to the operator’s needs.

The Nordic rolling stock market

Issue 3 2006, Past issues / 31 May 2006 /

A steady succession of small rolling stock orders is keeping interest alive in the Nordic market.A decade ago, the Nordic countries were seen as a beacon of hope by Europe’s rolling stock manufacturers,with some large replacement orders coming up. But those orders are now behind us, with the Italian manufacturer Ansaldo-Breda winning many of them at competitive prices. Finland, Norway and Denmark (this article excludes Sweden) all boast modern fleets and the orders coming up are tending to be in niche areas of the market.