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Sweden - Articles and news items

The future of train travel for SJ

Railway Extra / 21 October 2016 /

In this article Crister Fritzson, Chief Executive Officer and President of SJ AB, shares some insights into the history of Sweden’s oldest and largest train operator; its recent developments and plans for the future…

Stockholm’s Roslagsbanan to receive 22 new Stadler EMUs

Rail industry news / 24 August 2016 /

Stockholm County Council (SL) has commissioned Stadler to supply 22 X15P EMUs for operation on the Roslagsbanan which connects Stockholm city centre with northeast localities.

MTR Express voted best railway operator in Sweden

Rail industry news / 4 July 2016 /

MTR Express, the rail service connecting Stockholm and Gothenburg, has been voted best rail operator in Sweden according to a new passenger survey.

Coradia Nordic X60B trains begin operation on Stockholm’s commuter network

Rail industry news / 11 April 2016 /

New Coradia Nordic X60B trains have begun operation on Stockholm’s commuter network as part of an agreement between operator Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) and Alstom.

The 4th FIVE – Fires in Vehicles conference that will take place October 5 – 6, 2016 in Baltimore, USA

Rail industry news / 9 March 2016 /

FIVE will bring together scientists, regulators, test engineers, industry, suppliers, insurance companies and other organizations from the diverse field of transportation to discuss important fire issues….

MTR Corporation to operate Stockholm Commuter Rail Service

Rail industry news / 9 December 2015 /

MTR Nordic, a wholly owned subsidiary of MTR Corporation, has been chosen to operate the commuter rail service Stockholm Pendeltåg for an initial period of 10 years from December 2016.

Alstom finalises acquisition of Motala Train

Rail industry news / 2 October 2015 /

Alstom has become sole owner of Motala Train AB, a Swedish company specialised in refurbishment, heavy maintenance and repair of passenger trains.

Sweden’s MTR Express celebrates six months operational service

Rail industry news / 2 October 2015 /

Operator MTR Corporation celebrates six successful months of passenger service on its intercity MTR Express route in Sweden.

Sweden’s Railways: Quality, capacity and competitiveness

Issue 5 2015 / 1 October 2015 /

Never before has there been so much talk about the railroad in Sweden, writes Björn Westerberg, CEO of the Association of Swedish Train Operating Companies (ASTOC). Train services have been developed and adapted for a market with high standards and are an important part of society. Unfortunately, it is the flaws of the railway’s facilities that are in focus. Instead of visions and new developments, there are talks about the ‘maintenance mountain’ and infrastructure debt…

Swedish high-speed rail – an important investment

Issue 5 2015 / 1 October 2015 /

In Sweden there is now a solid majority in the parliament in favour of building high-speed rail lines between Stockholm and Gothenburg, and Stockholm and Malmö. The government has therefore appointed a group of negotiators – the National Negotiation on Housing and Infrastructure – with the mission of enabling a rapid implementation. The group will present proposals for financing principles, formulate a development strategy and identify track and station locations. Crister Fritzson, CEO of Swedish passenger train operator SJ, explores what the future holds and why high-speed rail in Sweden is an important investment…

The future of high-speed rail in Sweden

Issue 5 2015 / 1 October 2015 /

Within a foreseeable future, Sweden will have its first high-speed railway, writes Stefan Engdahl, Director of Market and Planning at the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket). After years of discussions and investigations, there is now wide majority support for a large investment, which also includes new housing and improved public transport. This will be the largest infrastructure project conducted in Sweden in a generation: a society transformation as great as when the main lines were drawn through the country in the 1800s. The overall descriptions of the upcoming investment into a high-speed railway between the metropolitan regions of Sweden indicate a great boost for Swedish infrastructure. The goal is for these high-speed railways to be completed around 2035…

Foreword: Taking the Swedish rail sector into the future

Issue 5 2015 / 1 October 2015 /

One of my top priorities as Minister for Infrastructure in the Swedish Government is to make our railways work better for commuters and goods. Being successful here is an integral part of our government’s agenda to create more jobs and increase our exports, at the same time as we cut emissions…


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