Smart Ticketing - Articles and news items

Passengers are ecstatic over eTickets

Rail industry news / 28 March 2017 /

Over one million mobile-friendly eTickets have been sold to train travellers since their launch six months ago.

New look smartcard rolled out to thousands of rail passengers

Rail industry news / 23 March 2017 /

Thousands of rail travellers are now be able to travel around the West Midlands the smart way using a new look Swift card.

Demand for refund to passengers after research finds ticket machines are too confusing

Rail industry news / 10 February 2017 /

Recent research initiated by the Office of Road and Rail (ORR) has found that passengers buying train tickets from ticket machines often paid more than was necessary and some were even at risk of a penalty fare.

UK rail companies to trial major rail fare changes for clearer ticket choices

Rail industry news / 1 February 2017 /

An overhaul of rail fares is to be trailed by UK rail companies to provide passengers with clearer, simpler ticket choices.

Chiltern Railways announces ticket free travel pilot

Rail industry news / 19 January 2017 /

Chiltern Railways has announced it is partnering with SilverRail Technologies in the development and pilot for ticket free travel.

Technology comes to rail passengers

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 11 January 2017 /

Regular European Railway Review blogger Graham Ellis discusses the impact of the industry embracing new technologies and the resulting benefits for rail passengers…

Action plan developed to improve rail fares & ticketing information for passengers

Rail industry news / 13 December 2016 /

The Department for Transport (DfT) together with Which?, the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) and Transport Focus develop an action plan for information on rail fares and ticketing.

Southeastern launch The Key smart ticketing initiative

Rail industry news / 7 December 2016 /

Operator Southeastern has launched its smart ticketing initiative. The Key has been rolled-out as part of the government’s plans for smart card ticketing.

Thales enters into negotiations to sell ticketing business

Rail industry news / 21 November 2016 /

Thales has revealed it has entered into exclusive negotiations to sell its ticketing and revenue collection business for transport operators.

Bitcoin to be sold at all SBB ticket machines in Switzerland

Rail industry news / 31 October 2016 /

Swiss national rail operator SBB has announced the digital currency Bitcoin will soon become available to purchase at all station ticket machines as part of a two year trial.

Rejsekort: unifying different ticketing elements to create a common-use system

Railway Extra / 28 October 2016 /

Bjørn Wahlsten, CEO of Rejsekort, takes a look at what makes the Rejsekort system work, as well as its future initiatives…

The future of train travel for SJ

Railway Extra / 21 October 2016 /

In this article Crister Fritzson, Chief Executive Officer and President of SJ AB, shares some insights into the history of Sweden’s oldest and largest train operator; its recent developments and plans for the future…