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Scandinavia - Articles and news items

Scandinavian Rail Development

Upcoming events, Z Homepage promo / 5 January 2017 /

22-23 May 2017, Stockholm, Sweden
European Railway Review’s 9th annual Scandinavian Rail Development conference returns to Stockholm, bringing together the region’s rail infrastructure managers and operators as well as innovators and strategists, to discuss and debate the future direction of rail…

Scandinavian Rail Freight: Time for change

Issue 2 2015 / 7 April 2015 /

National governments have to create level playing fields between rail and road, writes Gottfried Eymer, CEO of DB Schenker Rail Scandinavia A/S. Driven by globalisation and changes within manufacturing industries, the demand for freight transportation is increasing to levels never seen before. Various things like raw materials, consumer goods and technical components for the manufacturing industry are being sent off from one city or country to another. The problem is that too much is transported by road and too little by rail and this causes a number of problems and costs to society…

The Scandinavian 8 Million City Project: Opening the door to Europe and the world

Issue 3 2014 / 4 June 2014 /

In an increasingly globalised economy, the demand for efficiency and mobility is increasing. Bigger and stronger regions are needed to attract and retain people and companies who will create the wealth of the future. City regions have become the engines in developing the knowledge and information-based community. The development of The Scandinavian 8 Million City Project is rooted in the philosophy that collaboration forms a firm basis for development in a globalised world. Floire Nathanael Daub, Project Manager for The Scandinavian 8 Million City Project explains that by exploring the potential of cooperation, jobs can be created and innovation milieus can be enhanced. Cooperation over long distances requires appropriate infrastructure for both passengers and freight. Whilst Europe and the world have been expanding their green infrastructure to stimulate growth – for example through massive investment in high-speed rail – such investment has been slow to progress in Scandinavia.

Arlanda Express has the most satisfied customers in the Swedish travel sector

Issue 5 2012 / 20 September 2012 /

Arlanda Express noted major successes during 2011: trains upgraded with prizewinning interior décor, a robust financial result and a record number of passengers. The journey now continues with a stronger focus on service and passenger care, with all personnel undergoing training in the practical philosophy of hostmanship – the art of making people feel welcome.

According to a survey by ISI Wissing, over the course of 2011 – and for the fourth consecutive year – Arlanda Express had the most satisfied customers among all passenger traffic companies in Stockholm. In competition with airlines such as SAS and Malmö Aviation, taxi companies like Taxi Stockholm and Sweden’s largest train operator, SJ, Arlanda Express captured first place by a healthy margin. Arlanda Express is Sweden’s most punctual train operator and has been for the past 10 years. Moreover, Arlanda Express has attracted attention at an international level; among other media, the British lifestyle magazine ‘Monocle’ nominated Arlanda Express as the world’s best airport express train.