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Robert Sarfati - Articles and news items

Signalling & Telecoms supplement 2014

Issue 1 2014, Supplements / 13 February 2014 /

Read an exclusive interview with Karel Vinck – the European Commission’s European Coordinator for ERTMS, an article about Norway’s ERTMS plans from Jernbaneverket’s Project Manager Eivind Skorstad, plus an article about recent GSM-R achievements and its evolution from Dan Mandoc at the UIC…

ERTMS: offering an end-to-end solution to all transport organisations

Issue 6 2008, Past issues / 3 December 2008 /

GSM-R is the bearer for ERTMS/ETCS, the European Train Control System, gradually introducing a true intelligent traffic management system all over the railway lines in Europe. This global system is now extending to several countries worldwide as a recognised operating system.

Achieving a successful GSM-R radio plan

Issue 4 2008, Past issues / 1 August 2008 /

Railways across Europe and in other parts of the world are replacing their analogue operational radio communications networks by a digital system called GSM-R. This is an enhanced version of the hugely successful public cellular radio standard, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) which has additional features to meet the specific requirements of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) communications which include railway communications.