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Rhomberg Bahntechnik GmbH - Articles and news items

Security during construction for the Brenner Tunnel North Access Section

Issue 6 2009, Past issues / 12 December 2009 /

The North Access Section to the Brenner Tunnel is particularly important to rail transport within Europe as part of the TEN 1 – Axis Berlin-Palermo in a north-south direction and as the main east-west traffic artery in the junction with the Lower Inn rail link. Security, in particular, is a topic with a crucial role to play in the design and construction of the railway engineering infrastructure, due to its complexity and tight timeframe.

Rhomberg builds track for Malmö Citytunnel

Issue 5 2009, Past issues / 26 September 2009 /

The new Citytunnel in Malmö is the next major step to connect the City centres of Malmö (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark) even closer. The new line, connected to the Öresund-bridge and the Malmö Main Station will go underneath the centre of Malmö, crossing sensitive areas with hospitals, theatres and private houses and will avoid a […]