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Renfe - Articles and news items

Renfe awards high-speed train contract to Talgo

Rail industry news / 28 November 2016 /

Spain’s national train operator Renfe has awarded a contract to supply and maintain up to 30 hi-speed trains to Talgo.

EIB grants Renfe €600m loan for rolling stock and station modernisation

Rail industry news / 23 October 2015 /

Renfe Operadora has accepted a €600 million European Investment Bank (EIB) loan to finance the modernisation of train stations and procurement of rolling stock.

Renfe and MAFEX collaborate in promoting the rail sector abroad

Rail industry news / 30 October 2013 /

The text provides that the parties will develop different activities, such as technical research and assistance…

UIC Sustainability Award 2010 handed out at the 11th Sustainability Conference in Madrid

Rail industry news / 18 June 2010 /

SBB, Deutsche Bahn Passenger Transport & DB Schenker Rail, NSB, & NRIC receive awards at the second edition of the UIC Sustainability Awards.

The most modern fleet of high-speed trains in Europe

Issue 5 2009, Past issues / 26 September 2009 /

The year 2008 was the 160th anniversary of railways in Spain, which is all the more significant because now in the 21st Century, railways have clearly been modernised and this modernisation process will continue in the coming years. In accordance with the Strategic Infrastructures and Transport Planes (PEIT), prepared by the Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Public Works) and approved at a Cabinet Meeting on 15th July 2005, railways must play a central role in the Spanish intermodal transport system, for both passengers and freight, in order to respond to the citizens’ mobility requirements, to contribute to social cohesion, providing a backbone for the land and sustainability, because of the environmental advantages that railways provide.

Talgo: at the forefront of high-speed railway technology

Issue 4 2009, Past issues / 21 July 2009 /

The effect of implementing a high-speed network in Spain has been incredibly positive and it has created a ‘before and an after’ effect in the Spanish railway sector. Not long ago, trains were competing against cars, but nowadays trains are in competition with planes and this radical change shows the technological jump that the railway sector is going through thanks to high-speed worldwide.

RENFE finds unexpected answers to crowd congestion at Atocha

Issue 5 2008, Past issues / 27 September 2008 /

Sitting at the heart of Madrid’s extensive rail network, Atocha station is the biggest public transport interchange in the Spanish capital. Local rail lines, high-speed intercity services and metro lines from across the city come together here to provide an essential link for commuters, tourists and local residents alike. With hundreds of thousands of commuters and other rail travellers using the station every day, our primary aim is to ensure they are able to use transit safely and comfortably.

Velaro E conquers high-speed in Spain

Issue 4 2008, Past issues / 1 August 2008 /

How the Velaro E has met the challenging requirements of the high-speed service in Spain, with a focus on reliability, safety and passenger appeal.

ADIF looks towards the future

Issue 5 2007, Past issues / 26 September 2007 /

Heavy investments will be made in the Spanish railway network in forthcoming years. The Spanish railway network has been split into separate companies managing the railway infrastructure (ADIF) and train operations (Renfe). There is strong political impetus to invest in the railways, with the 15-year Strategic Plan for Transport Infrastructure (PEIT 2005-2020) outlining the way in which the rail network will be upgraded.

Renfe faces the future with confidence

Issue 5 2007, Past issues / 26 September 2007 /

Completion of the first high-speed line in Spain 15 years ago gave Renfe a new confidence and investment in the network is continuing at a sustained pace. Spain has one of the fastest–growing railway networks in Europe. Renfe (Spanish National Railways) gained a new confidence with the opening of the first high-speed line in the country in 1992, and since then has gone from strength to strength. Not only is the high-speed network growing faster than anywhere else in Europe, but the railway has also modernised its commuter and regional networks.

Talgo 250: a fine example of train development

Issue 4 2007, Past issues / 30 July 2007 /

Talgo’s main objective since the establishment of the company in 1942, has been the constant research and development of innovative, simple and efficient solutions for railway operators – not only in the field of rolling stock, but also in providing integrated maintenance services customised according to the operator’s needs.