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Railway Safety - Articles and news items

A journey of visibility: The evolution of rail safety

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 29 November 2016 /

Stuart Jukes, managing director of Pulsar, provider of hi-vis workwear to the rail industry, shines a light on the hi-vis journey to enhance rail worker safety.

Train derailment at unmanned crossing reported in the Netherlands

Rail industry news / 18 November 2016 /

A passenger train has derailed in the Dutch province of Groningen after it was stuck by a milk truck as it passed an unmanned crossing.

Lights warning system to improve level crossing safety in East Anglia

Rail industry news / 14 October 2016 /

Level crossing safety is to be improved across East Anglia with the installation of a new lights warning system.

FRA awards $25m to increase rail safety at crossings and train stations in the U.S.

Rail industry news / 11 October 2016 /

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has awarded $25 million in grants to improve safety at railroad crossings, train stations and crossings across the U.S.

Computer vision based solution for sign detection

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 6 October 2016 /

Markus Melander, CEO of Vionice Ltd., discusses the opportunities of computer-vision signage which may help increase asset management quality and railway safety at the same time.

Artesyn expands ControlSafe™ SIL4 COTS Rail Computing Platform to address more train control and rail signaling applications

Rail industry news / 20 September 2016 /

Provides cost-effective solution for high I/O capacity wayside applications…

What are the implications of satellite-guided digital rail networks?

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 15 September 2016 /

Nigel Davies, Head of QinetiQ’s Secured Navigation group, explores the potential risks and benefits of the increasing use of satellite signals in rail networks.

RSSB launches app to reduce risk on station platforms

Rail industry news / 14 September 2016 /

The RSSB have launched a new industry app designed to record station platform risk assessments on a mobile smart device.

RSSB to develop Rule Book app for rail staff

Rail industry news / 13 September 2016 /

The RSSB will be leading a programme to modernise rail safety guidance in the form of a Rule Book app for staff.

Vigo-Porto train derails in Spain killing at least four people

Rail industry news / 9 September 2016 /

According to reports, a Portuguese train derailed at 09:30 local time on Friday 09 September in north-west Spain.

Artesyn announces SIL4 certification for ControlSafe™ COTS rail safety platform

Rail industry news / 2 September 2016 /

Fail-safe, fault-tolerant system for train control and rail signaling accelerates time-to-market for rail application developers…

RSSB announces new Safety Management Intelligence System

Rail industry news / 25 August 2016 /

The RSSB has announced the introduction of a new on-line safety reporting system. The Safety Management Intelligence System is due to go live on 05 December 2016.


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