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Railway Electrification - Articles and news items

DfT defers four Great Western electrification projects

Rail industry news / 9 November 2016 /

Rail Minister Paul Maynard MP has confirmed four Great Western electrification projects are being deferred following outcomes of the Hendy review.

First new all-electric train tested on Great Western Railway

Rail industry news / 18 July 2016 /

The first all-electric train has been successfully tested on the Great Western Railway as part of Network Rail’s electrification project.

Railway electrification makes progress in Bristol

Rail industry news / 13 July 2016 /

Railway electrification on the Great Western Mine Line is making progress in Bristol in preparation for a new fleet of longer, faster, quieter and greener electric trains.

Network Rail regional route MD renews pledge to work with communities

Rail industry news / 11 November 2015 /

New regional route managing director of Network Rail, Rob McIntosh, highlights the importance of the electrification and upgrade of two major rail lines and vows to engage with local communities to provide economic growth.

Rail electrification work on TransPennine and Midland Mainline resumes

Rail industry news / 30 September 2015 /

Under plans announced on 30 September 2015, rail electrification work will restart on TransPennine and Midland Mainline routes as part of a plan to re-establish Network Rail’s upgrade programme.

Hull Trains to invest £68 million on new high-speed trains

Rail industry news / 4 September 2015 /

Hull Trains announce a £68 million pound investment towards new high-speed trains improving connectivity to the capital.

Tunnel boring moves north-west railway electrification a step closer

Rail industry news / 12 August 2015 /

A nine metre tunnel-boring machine has begun work to reconstruct the Farnworth Tunnel, part of a railway electrification project between Manchester and Preston.

Danish rail electrification contract awarded to Siemens

Rail industry news / 2 June 2015 /

Danish rail company Banedanmark has awarded Siemens and construction company Per Aarsleff AS the contract to electrify nine rail routes totalling 1300 kilometres.

Joint venture bid ahead in the electrification of Danish railway network

Rail industry news / 19 May 2015 /

Banedanmark, the Danish company responsible for rail maintenance and traffic control, is in final stage negotiations with joint venture Aarsleff-Siemens on the electrification of the Danish railway network.

Northern Rail introduces additional electric trains to the North West

Rail industry news / 14 May 2015 /

Northern Rail will introduce a further eight electric trains to the North West service on the 17th May 2015 increasing the total number operating to ten.

Maintaining safety of overhead catenary on the Shinkansen

Rail industry news / 6 February 2015 /

There are many kinds of overhead catenary systems and they all interact with pantographs. In Japan, efficiently maintaining the stress of catenary systems is considered as the most important factor for railway safety. Takamasa Hayasaka and Masatoshi Shimizu from the Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI) believe the European rail sector can learn a lot from Japanese overhead catenary and pantograph experience…

The Danish Electrification Programme – a huge commitment

Issue 5 2014 / 18 September 2014 /

The Danish Electrification Programme was established in November 2012 to carry out electrification works initially on four Danish rail sections. Through the ‘Togfonden DK’ initiative five further sections have since been added to the scope of the electrification works, along with funding for additional optional rail sections and associated services. This is a testament to the large commitment to electrification in Denmark and it gives both Banedanmark and the future supplier a possibility to industrialise roll-out and benefit from a programme scale learning curve. Even though the Programme has only existed less than two years, it’s well underway. Søren Thorpstrup Laursen – Head of the Danish Electrification Programme at Banedanmark explains further and how prepatory work on the first two lines is already underway.


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