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Olle Mornell - Articles and news items

‘Vision Zero’ and OLA improved level crossings

Issue 5 2008, Past issues / 27 September 2008 /

Two severe accidents in 2004 and 2005 brought focus on the dangers of level crossings. According to ‘Vision Zero’, fatalities and severe injuries are not acceptable in the transport system. Since level crossings concern many key players, Banverket took the first steps to cooperation and Vägverket provided the OLA working approach.

Level crossings – OLA model cooperation

Issue 5 2006, Past issues / 15 September 2006 /

Covering 440,000km2, Sweden is a relatively large country – approximately the size and shape of California. However, the population is only nine million, which means a density of 20 persons per km2. Approximately 90% of the population lives in the southern third of the country. Sweden is located on the same latitude as Alaska and has a cold climate. It does, however, have four seasons since it is tempered by the warm Gulf Stream running through the North Atlantic Ocean. The northern part of the country is located above the Arctic Circle. A large proportion of the country is covered by coniferous forest.