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Milling & grinding - Articles and news items

Grinding and milling are essential to rail quality

Issue 1 2009, Past issues / 23 January 2009 /

Rail grinding helps to prevent the dangerous build-up of rolling contact fatigue, and also reduces running noise for line side communities. James Abbott, Technical Editor for European Railway Review, assesses some developments and significant aspects of this important area of our industry.

Milling – the new dimension of rail-profiling

Issue 3 2008, Past issues / 28 May 2008 /

It was in 2003 when Linsinger Maschinenbau GmbH from Austria launched its new version of the Rail Milling Train SF 03 FFS for German Railways, DB AG, and Alpha-Rail Team for the German Railway Market. Since then, the rail milling technology of Linsinger started a matchless and incomparable victory lap in the national railway marketplace […]

Regular grinding is the key to long rail life

Issue 4 2007, Past issues / 30 July 2007 /

Recent research has underlined the importance of maintaining rails with regular grinding. The behaviour of the railhead under load used to be an imperfectly understood subject. Research work has broadened the rail industry’s knowledge; now, the question of how rail deteriorates over time and the way in which grinding can alleviate that is much better understood.

Rail grinding operations in Sweden

Issue 1 2007, Past issues / 6 February 2007 /

Over the last few years, rail grinding operations at Banverket in Sweden has become a natural and important part of the total maintenance track work. The number of track metres that were ground during 2006 was almost 1 million (exactly 997272 track metres) and almost 400 switches. The way of grinding and planning these operations are described, both on the ore line in the northern part, Swedish only heavy haul line, as well as on conventional lines.

The ProRail outsourcing way

Issue 1 2006, Past issues / 14 February 2006 /

ProRail, the owner of the Dutch railway network, has gone further than most European rail infrastructure companies in putting maintenance and renewal work out to tender. James Abbott, European Railway Review’s Technical Editor asks the questions that matter to two of ProRail’s employees – Mr. Jan Swier, Strategic Advisor for Maintenance and Renewals and Mr. Anthonie Bauer, Director of Infrastructure Management.