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Miles Flood - Articles and news items

Level Crossing Safety supplement 2012 (free to view)

Issue 4 2012, Supplements / 30 July 2012 /

Infrabel progressively increases safety at level crossings (Ann Billiau, Director-General, Rail Access, Infrabel)
Portugal raises the tempo of level crossing safety initiatives (Paulo Soares de Melo, Director of Level Crossings, REFER)
Level crossing misuse – not a traditional policing solution (Miles Flood, Chief Superintendent Territorial Policing, British Transport Police)

International Level Crossing Awareness Day 2012 – another success

Rail industry news / 18 June 2012 /

BTP and Network Rail joined forces during International Level Crossing Awareness Day on Wednesday 7 June 2012…

More level crossing camera vans to deter misuse

Rail industry news / 7 June 2012 /

More than 2,400 people have been caught and charged with breaking the law at level crossings…