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Martin Gallagher - Articles and news items

100+ events to raise awareness of level crossings dangers

Rail industry news / 7 May 2013 /

Rail safety teams across the country are hosting more than 100 awareness events at level crossings across Britain…

Level crossings closure programme reaches 600

Rail industry news / 25 October 2012 /

Network Rail has completed its 600th level crossing closure since 2009 as part of its £130m investment programme…

Network Rail shows the world its work on level crossings

Rail industry news / 22 October 2012 /

More than 50 railway experts from around the world have visited Britain to see how Network Rail manages level crossings…

Voice warnings to improve safety at level crossings

Rail industry news / 9 July 2012 /

Network Rail is installing spoken warning equipment at 63 level crossings across the country…

International Level Crossing Awareness Day 2012 – another success

Rail industry news / 18 June 2012 /

BTP and Network Rail joined forces during International Level Crossing Awareness Day on Wednesday 7 June 2012…

More level crossing camera vans to deter misuse

Rail industry news / 7 June 2012 /

More than 2,400 people have been caught and charged with breaking the law at level crossings…

Level Crossing Supplement (free to view)

Issue 4 2011, Supplements / 9 August 2011 /

Network Rail committed to reducing the risk at level crossings (Martin Gallagher, Head of Level Crossings, Network Rail)
Level crossings still biggest safety challenge in Norway (Liv Bjørnå, Safety Director, Jembaneverket)

USA scores highest in level crossing deaths

Rail industry news / 22 June 2010 /

As fans across the world are praying their team wins through in South Africa, a different sort of league table of countries involved in the World Cup, shows…