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Jesper Hansen - Articles and news items

Thales and Balfour Beatty Rail consortium awarded a €400 million contract to re-signal half of the Danish Main Lines

Rail industry news / 31 January 2012 /

Thales and Balfour Beatty Rail consortium awarded a €400 million contract…

Copenhagen’s S-Bane network to get signaling from Siemens worth 252 million euros

Rail industry news / 5 August 2011 /

Modern infrastructure makes commuter rail more attractive and lowers the CO2 impact…

A decisive moment for Danish rail tracks

Issue 3 2006, Past issues / 31 May 2006 /

Infrastructure matters; the statement has gained increased significance for the users, owners and operators on the Danish tracks. After years of neglecting both track renewal and signal system, Denmark is now at a crossroad: either passengers must become accustomed to new, but lower standards, or the Danish politicians must get used to the idea that renewal and maintenance is a costly business which grows exceedingly more expensive for each year the work is postponed.The infrastructure needs action and realistic planning, and the owner, the Danish state, needs to take some active decisions based on realistic expectations.

For some, the wake up call came in August 2005. From delivering the foundation for a general speed of 180km/h, comfortable for a country the size of Denmark, the trains were obliged for several months to travel at 120km/h between Denmark’s two largest cities – Copenhagen and Aarhus, adding at least half an hour to the travel time. The reason was a series of almost a hundred rail joints bending around the limits of the allowed standards. For me this was just another proof of the challenges that the Danish infrastructure is facing. As an eye opener this made a lot of people understand how pivotal the infrastructure is for a well functioning train system.