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Jan Schneider-Tilli - Articles and news items

The New Line Copenhagen–Ringsted: best-in-class construction

Issue 2 2014 / 11 April 2014 /

For European Railway Review, Jan Schneider-Tilli – Banedanmark’s Project Director for the new Copenhagen–Ringsted line – reflects on the first Danish high-speed project as it reaches the halfway line…

Opening up construction of Denmark’s first high-speed railway to competition

Issue 3 2012 / 8 June 2012 /

The new Copenhagen-Ringsted railway is the largest civil engineering project in Denmark for well over 100 years. Not since the Vestvolden fortifications around Copenhagen were built between 1882 and 1892 as part of the city’s defences has Denmark been the setting for such an extensive building project: a new 60km double-track high-speed railway will be built close to the motorway from Copenhagen via Køge to Ringsted.

Banedanmark, the national rail network operator, is in full swing with this unique construction project, which is also a worthy symbol of the significant investment in the railway that the Danish state will make over the coming decade. Among other things, several existing sections of line will be upgraded to double track, a fast connection will be established for rail traffic between Sweden and central Europe by means of the future Femern tunnel between Denmark and Germany, and Denmark will be the first country in the world to have a new, single signalling system covering the entire public rail network. #

These projects will be realised on an ongoing basis over the next 10 years and, in combination, will enable the Danish rail system to provide the framework for the government’s target of doubling all public passenger transport by 2030 – an ambitious goal given that there are already 170 million journeys made by train each year in Denmark.