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Jamie Andrews - Articles and news items

Loco2.com adds UK trains to pan-European booking service

Rail industry news / 31 October 2013 /

Hundreds of rail trips now available to buy in one transaction…

Making rail booking easy for all

Issue 3 2012 / 8 June 2012 /

Loco2 is the first independent, non rail operator owned company to sell train tickets to destinations within Europe. The company has been featured in the Guardian, Observer and Wired.co.uk and has recently launched a partnership with popular train booking site, Seat61.com. Jamie Andrews, Co-founder and Managing Director, talks to European Railway Review about how it all started, where they are now, and Loco2’s ambitious plans for the future.

You only have to make a quick sweep of online travel forums to see that even in these en – ightened times, European train ticket booking is rather stuck in the dark ages. Questions from would-be train travellers show that when it comes to booking rail journeys across the continent, unlike flying, the process is far from simple.

Myriad train companies, schedules, ticket types and prices in a multitude of languages means customers are forced to navigate endless sites across the web to book tickets from A to B. When flight price comparison engines make the equivalent journey by air relative child’s play, it’s no wonder that only the most die-hard train travellers don’t give up the process half way through.