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Italy - Articles and news items

Innovation the key to competition on Italy’s railways

Issue 4 2016 / 25 July 2016 /

The rail industry is constantly faced with new challenges. Until recently rail was considered an ‘old industry’ due to a lack of innovation, but modern digital and sharing cultures are now giving way to new opportunities in the rail sector. As Andrea Giuricin, Strategic Advisor for NTV, explains; Italy is a clear example that innovation is achievable and highly valuable for customers…

Head-on rail collision in southern Italy

Rail industry news / 12 July 2016 /

A head-on collision between two passenger trains has occurred in southern Italy with reports suggesting at least 23 people have been killed.

Vulcano DMU begins operation in Sicily

Rail industry news / 26 May 2016 /

The first Vulcano Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) supplied by NEWAG S.A. for Fer­ro­via Cir­cu­met­nea (FCE), entered passenger service from Catania Borgo rail­way sta­tion in Sicily.

Naples–Bari and Palermo–Catania–Messina high-speed/high-capacity lines: an important driving force for Italy’s development

Issue 4 2015 / 6 August 2015 /

The Naples–Bari and Palermo–Catania–Messina high-speed/high-capacity (HS/HC) itineraries are among the main works included in the so-called ‘Unlock-Italy’ Law no. 164 of 11 November 2014. The Italian government aims to give the country a strong sign of recovery in both the economy and employment – commencing in the South – through these works…

Titagarh Wagons acquires Firema Trasporti

Rail industry news / 17 July 2015 /

Indian manufacturer Titagarh Wagons Limited has announced the acquisition of Italy-based rolling stock manufacturer Firema Trasporti.

RFI installs new computer-based interlocking signalling system

Rail industry news / 16 July 2015 /

A new computer-based interlocking signalling system, designed by Alstom, has been installed by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) at Bari Parco Nord.

Stadler receives first order for bi-modal trains

Rail industry news / 14 May 2015 /

Stadler revealed it has secured a contract to supply the Valle d’Aosta Region of north-west Italy with five bi-modal trains (BMU).

Extended Rail Hub Milano reopens

Rail industry news / 28 April 2015 /

In an opening ceremony in Melzo, Milan, Contship Italia Group celebrated the reopening of the enlarged Rail Hub Milano.

Italo: Increasing its high-speed rail market share with quality services

Issue 4 2014 / 5 August 2014 /

Despite the economic crisis, the high-speed rail market is currently experiencing a positive trend compared with other modalities – i.e. air, road, and long-distance ‘traditional’ rail, etc. In fact, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) evolution in Italy has been unhealthy during the last two years: -1.8% in 2013 and -2.4% in 2012. But according to Paolo Ripa, Chief Commercial and Operation Officer at Europe’s first private open operator of high-speed trains – Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV) – Italy’s high-speed rail demand increased by 16% in 2012 and 20% in 2013. For European Railway Review, Paolo explains NTV’s position in the high-speed rail market and highlights the operator’s objectives…

Exporting Italian know-how and expertise around the world

Issue 4 2014 / 5 August 2014 /

Drawing up plans and designs, calling for tenders and performing works management, supervision and project management functions in respect of all kinds of infrastructure investments in Italy and worldwide are the major areas of operation in which Italferr, the engineering company within the FS Italiane Group, has been engaged since its inception in 1984. For European Railway Review, Matteo Triglia – Managing Director of Italferr – explains that during these 30 years the company has been able to enhance the value of its staff’s extremely high levels of expertise, assuming responsibility for projects that have completely revolutionised the transport system in Italy, such as the construction of the HS/HC railway lines – one of the biggest and most demanding projects that the Group and Italy itself has undertaken – and the upgrade and expansion of Italy’s major urban railway hubs…

Brenner Base Tunnel construction continues as expected

Issue 5 2012 / 19 September 2012 /

Construction of the 64km-long Brenner Base Tunnel is in full swing. Two sections of the exploratory tunnel are completed, the access tunnel in Mules now connects the exploratory tunnel with the surface, and two more logistic tunnels are ready for use.

The Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) is a straight, flat railway tunnel connecting Austria and Italy. It runs from Innsbruck to Fortezza (55km) and connects to the existing Innsbruck bypass, where a further parallel rescue tunnel is being built as part of this project. If you add the Innsbruck railway bypass, which has already been built and which is the endpoint for the Brenner Base Tunnel, the length of the entire tunnel through the Alps is 64km. Once finished, it will be the longest underground railway infrastructure in the world.

The BBT constitutes the centrepiece of the high-capacity railway line between Munich and Verona. At the same time, it represents the key element of the European Corridor No. 1 Berlin–Palermo which runs for 2,200km from North to South, also known as the TEN-1 axis. The European Union supports the expansion of this transnational stretch and considers it a top priority.

Building on success: the liberalised and competitive Italian railway market

Issue 4 2012 / 1 August 2012 /

The European railway industry has radically changed over recent years following the introduction of high speed networks which have revolutionised society. Italy was the first country in Europe to launch the railway market liberalisation process by opening up to competitors. In just a few years, the economy of the sector was transformed, offering new economic and competitive opportunities to key operators. More recently, Italy opened up high-speed services to private competitors, despite the current economic crisis.

This was a historical change, one which Trenitalia prepared for with great care, working hard to address the situation and to offer its customers the best solutions.

The Freccia system (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianco): The current competitive situation presents a strong challenge for improvement. Competition for Trenitalia is a positive factor for both customers and the market in general. In the high-speed sector, for example, the Frecciarossa fleet has recently been renewed with the introduction of four new service levels (L4) which have completely revolutionised the traditional two-class system. Comfort and customised services are now part of the winning formula. Travel safety, frequency and an articulated range of constant flexible and affordable prices must certainly not be underestimated.