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Internet - Articles and news items

Delivering ultra-broadband connectivity in rail public transport

Whitepapers, Z Homepage promo / 20 June 2016 /

This paper covers both the business and technical considerations for delivering Wi-Fi® and 3G/4G cellular services to passengers in a railway system – at stations, and on tracks above and below ground…

Icomera’s vision of The Connected Journey

Rail industry news / 15 September 2015 /

Icomera is one of Sweden’s fastest growing technology companies…

NSB gets connected with on-board Wi-Fi

Issue 3 2013 / 23 May 2013 /

With most trains expected to be equipped with wireless internet over the next few years, as passengers demand increasing levels of service, what are the implications and benefits to rail operators of implementing the technology? In an interview for European Railway Review, Peter Hausken, IT Manager at the Traffic Department for NSB, shares his views five years after embarking on one of the first Wi-Fi projects in Europe.

Focusing on customers to deliver 21st century services for the 21st century passenger

Issue 3 2010 / 31 May 2010 /

Arriva, one of Europe’s leading transport operators, is radically changing the travel experience for its customers in Denmark.

Passenger information tailor-made to the needs and demands of the individual passenger. That is what Arriva Skandinavien is set to introduce through MyArriva – an innovative new concept which was part of Arriva’s winning bid to retain its Jutland rail concession for a further eight years.

MyArriva will see the introduction of realtime information, free Internet access and infotainment on trains and at stations. It is at the heart of the concept to heighten the passenger experience and in turn attract more passengers to the railway.