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Great Britain - Articles and news items

Measuring and modelling safety risk on GB’s mainline railways

Issue 5 2010 / 17 September 2010 /

The mainline railway in Great Britain has a responsibility to understand and measure safety risk to be able to manage safety of its operations properly. However, the task of quantifying levels of safety meaningfully can be difficult, especially for those rare accidents with potential for serious consequences. RSSB’s Safety Risk Model provides a solution to the problem and is a vital component of the GB railway safety management system.

The case for high-speed rail – Britain’s 21st century travel solution

Issue 4 2010 / 4 August 2010 /

In Britain, about once a century for the last few hundred years a new long-distance surface transport system has been planned and built to meet the developing needs of a continually advancing society. The 18th century brought the canals and the 19th the railways, both initially more focussed on transporting freight to support the industrial revolution and the development of our cities. Of course, the 20th century brought the trunk motorway network which transformed personal travel. As we get well into the 21st century, we have been considering what is needed to promote the economic and environmental health of this country for the next 100 years.