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EWS - Articles and news items

Reducing CO2 emissions through new rail freight choices

Issue 6 2007, Past issues / 26 November 2007 /

Lowering CO2 emissions is central to all businesses these days. Within the rail freight industry, every day we are being asked to provide business with a way to reduce emissions generated by their transport choices. With rail freight emitting five times less CO2 per tonne kilometre moved than road haulage, the moment is now for railways across Europe to win additional volumes to rail. In less than 12 months, emissions per tonne mile moved have risen sharply up the agenda.

Endless growth opportunities for freight

Issue 6 2006, Past issues / 28 November 2006 /

Rail freight’s prospects in Britain are very positive. We are already forecasting a growth of 50% by 2014 on top of the 70% growth achieved since the mid 90s but the increasing importance of a sustainable transport system point to even bigger opportunities. The environmental benefits of rail have always been recognised – four times more energy efficient than road and producing one-tenth of the polluting emissions per tonne moved. But as global warming and climate change preoccupy governments and voters alike, the benefits of using rail to transport goods are recognised by senior politicians in all political parties. EWS knows that its customers will not buy its services on environmental benefit alone – we must also provide the right economics and logistics solution to meet their transport needs. Our 100 million tonne portfolio is testament to EWS’s ability to meet those needs.