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Dr. Klaus Kremper - Articles and news items

Freight operation growth ensures economical potential

Issue 2 2008, Past issues / 8 April 2008 /

The strategic focus of DB Schenker is on the creation of end-to-end service offers on the European rail corridors. While the North-South connections have been operating without problems, we have been quite engaged for some time in efforts along the East-West corridor. The acquisitions of EWS, a British rail freight transport company and its French subsidiary, ECR, as well as Transfesa, a Spanish rail freight forwarder, cover the most important European markets. At the same time, we are working very hard on linking them to the East.

Railion goes East

Issue 1 2005, Past issues / 2 March 2005 /

Observers in the logistics business, as well as in the media, have broadly interpreted the recent Railion strategy as an example of single-dimension expansion motivation. Such critics, however, have failed to perceive that the primary intention of Railion in this context is to develop international rail cargo transport throughout the relevant markets in such a way as to enhance competitiveness. At the same time, of course, Railion intends to secure and expand its own volume of business. The growing Eastern European transport market can serve as a prime example to illustrate the fact that Railion is pursuing a number of different approaches here, in accordance with the respective market constellations.