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Dr. Arjen Zoeteman - Articles and news items

Facilitating traffic growth in the Netherlands: the ‘Triple A’ strategy approach

Issue 1 2009, Past issues / 23 January 2009 /

How ProRail is developing a new strategy for achieving a 50% increase in the capacity of the Netherland’s rail network.

ProRail’s management of tracks and turnouts

Issue 4 2007, Past issues / 30 July 2007 /

ProRail manages an installed base which has an estimated replacement value of more than €30 billion. Tracks and turnouts are a significant part of the pie, amounting to more than €8 billion. Moreover, they consume more than 50% of total maintenance costs and 75% of renewal costs due to their usage-based, relatively rapid deterioration pattern […]

A vital instrument in asset management

Issue 3 2005, Past issues / 23 August 2005 /

In the last two years the roll-out of the innovative weigh-in-motion (WIM) system Quo Vadis has taken place on the Dutch rail network. This system, developed by ProRail, Baas R&D and NedTrain Consulting, has been installed in 38 locations, allowing the measurement of 80% of traffic movements and 96% of ton kilometres. Identification of trains is functioning well, using systems that are also used for traffic control purposes.