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Digital Railway - Articles and news items

Rail industry’s export strength begins at home…

Issue 3 2017 / 10 May 2017 /

“Railways are the greatest productive act there has ever been, not just in the 19th century but throughout history”. This insight from German sociologist and national economist Werner Sombart (1863-1941) has rarely been more relevant than it is today. The current digitalisation of rail transport represents not only a fundamental innovative leap, but also promises the most climate-friendly, customer-friendly and economical means of mobility there has ever been.

The extensive innovations in railway digitalisation and how best to utilise and demonstrate them

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 10 May 2017 /

Graham Ellis discusses railway digitalisation, driverless trains, the utilisation of data and how to demonstrate advances in rail technology.

Siemens launches new business to digitalise the U.S rail industry

Rail industry news / 24 April 2017 /

Siemens is launching Digital Rail Services to provide information using the billions of data points created on the country’s rail systems.

The far-reaching effects of the Digital Railway

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 21 April 2017 /

For European Railway Review, David Packer, CEO of the Permanent Way Institution, writes that key rail routes are approaching capacity and has prompted the Digital Railway project, which will add capacity by modernising train and track systems.

Cornerstone laid for service depot for the Rhine-Ruhr-Express

Rail industry news / 7 March 2017 /

Work has begun on the depot for the Rhine-Ruhr-Express (RRX) trains in Dortmund-Eving, Germany for test operations to begin in mid-2018.

Bluetooth and biometric ticketing: industry sets out blueprint for Britain’s railway

Rail industry news / 7 February 2017 /

The rail industry has gathered today to set out a blueprint on how technology can address challenges facing Britain’s railway.

Digitalisation (Passenger Benefits) in-depth focus 2017

Issue 1 2017, Supplements, Z Homepage promo / 31 January 2017 /

In this supplement: digitalisation for the rail passenger; customer insight steers digital development; Heathrow Express; and transforming over a billion railway journeys…

Technology comes to rail passengers

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 11 January 2017 /

Regular European Railway Review blogger Graham Ellis discusses the impact of the industry embracing new technologies and the resulting benefits for rail passengers…

Staying connected: Wi-Fi and evolving technology in public transportation

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 9 January 2017 /

“Within public transportation there is still room for growth in order to keep up with modern infrastructure and evolving technology,” says Belden’s Richard Weatherburn.

Alstom to acquire connectivity solutions provider Nomad Digital

Rail industry news / 22 December 2016 /

Alstom has announced plans to acquire on-board passenger and fleet connectivity solutions provider Nomad Digital in a bid to develop the ‘Digital Train’.

Flexible booking engine wins HackTrain 3.0

Rail industry news / 16 November 2016 /

The third annual HackTrain saw rail and technology experts join forces on 4-6th November to drive innovation and tackle the industry’s biggest challenges. FlexRail, a flexible ticketing system, was named winner at this year’s event.

On-board infotainment: enhancing the rail passenger experience

Railway Extra, Z Homepage promo / 10 November 2016 /

European Railway Review travels on Eurostar’s new e320 train to experience its on-board infotainment service and finds out why good content and passenger information will help enhance the passenger experience.

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