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Dave Curtis - Articles and news items

Shipshape and Bristol fashion

Issue 6 2010 / 10 December 2010 /

Freightliner Maintenance Ltd (FML) faced significant challenges to turn an abandoned freight terminal into a fully-functioning railport for a customer running liquid products. In an interview for European Railway Review, Dave Curtis, General Manager of FML, explains the work involved with this important project and also the success so far of FML now that it operates as a separate unit within Freightliner Group Ltd.

Maintaining control

Issue 6 2009, Past issues / 12 December 2009 /

The decision by UK’s Freightliner Group to set up its own maintenance division has yielded transformational improvements to business performance. Maintenance of locomotives and rolling stock is a core necessity to any successful rail operator – one that is not at the forefront of attention, but when it is not done well, can significantly impact the performance that customers see and experience.