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Dan Mandoc - Articles and news items

Signalling & Telecoms supplement 2014

Issue 1 2014, Supplements / 13 February 2014 /

Read an exclusive interview with Karel Vinck – the European Commission’s European Coordinator for ERTMS, an article about Norway’s ERTMS plans from Jernbaneverket’s Project Manager Eivind Skorstad, plus an article about recent GSM-R achievements and its evolution from Dan Mandoc at the UIC…

GSM-R in 2009 – international operations take off

Issue 1 2010, Past issues / 28 January 2010 /

Over the last few years, the UIC has written many updates about the GSM-R situation in Europe for European Railway Review and 2009 was a good year for GSM-R, despite the overall difficult economic environment. Finland is the latest country who has changed its colour on the UIC GSM-R implementation map. Finland finalised its implementation (4,970km covered with GSM-R, out of a total length of 5,820km; 300km are prepared for ETCS coverage). The total network migration to GSM-R is targeted for December 2010.

ERTMS in 2007

Industry Focus 2008, Past issues / 28 December 2008 /

ERTMS is the European Rail Traffic Management System – a signalling and train control system promoted by the European Commission for use throughout Europe and specified for compliance with the High Speed and Conventional Interoperability Directives. The system aims to remedy the lack of standardisation in the area of signalling and train control systems which constitutes one of the major obstacles to the development of international rail traffic. Unifying the multiple signalling systems in use will bring increased competitiveness, better inter-working of freight and passenger rail services, stimulate the European rail equipment market, reduce costs and improve the overall quality of rail transport.

GSM-R in 2008 – continuing the success story

Issue 5 2008, Past issues / 27 September 2008 /

Over the last few years, we have tried to give you an update about the GSM-R situation in and outside of Europe. In 2007, the implementations of GSM-R have already shown that GSM-R has become a success story, even if it could have been developed faster.

GSM-R starts to take over

Issue 4 2007, Past issues / 30 July 2007 /

GSM-R is an acronym for Global System for Mobile Communication for Railways and is based on the commercial system GSM, and it is also an ETSI standard.