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Czech Republic - Articles and news items

High-speed rail network planned for the Czech Republic

Rail industry news / 30 May 2017 /

The Czech government has approved the building of a national high-speed rail network, with costs expected to reach up to CZK 650 billion.

CZ LOKO unveils EffiLiner 3000 electric locomotive

Rail industry news / 8 July 2016 /

Czech rolling stock manufacturer CZ LOKO has unveiled the EffiLiner 3000 electric shunting vehicle at the Raildays trade fair in Ostrava.

ČD Cargo signs contract for 5 Siemens Vectron locomotives

Rail industry news / 14 April 2016 /

ČD Cargo, the Czech rail transport company, has signed an agreement with Siemens to supply 5 Vectron locomotives for operation in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries.

Much-needed investment to modernise Czech infrastructure

Issue 1 2016 / 4 February 2016 /

Despite the Czech Republic’s railway infrastructure being in a suitable condition, it still requires a lot of investment and intensive modernisation for it to fall in line with the quality of other railways of the European Union and Western Europe. Mojmír Nejezchleb, Deputy Director General, and Anna Kodysová, Head of the International Relations Department at the Czech Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC), explain that recent investment has helped to improve some key sections, especially with the modernisation of large railway bridges on regional routes…

Modernisation and improvement brings a bright future for Ceské dráhy

Issue 1 2016 / 4 February 2016 /

The joint-stock company Ceské dráhy (CD) is one of the most important carriers in Central Europe, providing services for passenger transportation plus rail freight services through its subsidiary company, CD Cargo. For European Railway Review, Chairman of the Board of Directors at CD, Pavel Krtek, explains that improving the services it offers is having a positive all-round effect for the company…

Czech know-how continues to push through demanding rail markets

Issue 1 2016 / 4 February 2016 /

With recent significant contract-wins and proven industry know-how, Marie Vopálenská, General Director of the Association of Czech Railway Industry (ACRI) believes that Czech companies are in a firm position to compete with Europe’s railway giants…

A long-term and clear outlook for the Czech Republic railway network

Issue 3 2015 / 4 June 2015 /

As a result of a key decision adopted in the early-1990s to modernise the Czech railway network, the construction plan of the rail transit corridors will be implemented by 2020. It was determined that four rail transit corridors were to be featured on the railway network, establishing the most important domestic and international connections. Most importantly, even now, the demanding parts of the tracks remain to be modernised. Despite these challenges, Dan Tok – Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic – assumes that the majority of these sections will be finalised within the next five years. Here, he takes a look at the future developments for the Czech railway system…

Czech Republic: “When it comes to investments, we leave nothing to chance”

Issue 3 2015 / 4 June 2015 /

In the words of Pavel Surý, Director General of the Czech Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation (RIA): “nothing is for free”. By that he means that time is running out for drawing down a significant amount of European money from the Operational Programmes on Transport which will, however, result in a large number of temporary line closures in conjunction with the necessary modernisation of the lines. Pavel has headed the RIA since June 2014, and in this interview for European Railway Review, he explains that his main goals include the completion of the modernisation of the main lines in the Czech Republic, including the use of European money from Operational Programmes on ‘Transport 1’ (OPT 1) and ‘Transport 2’ (OPT 2). As well as the modernisation of the railway infrastructure, it is also necessary to complete the restructuring of the rail system in the Czech Republic and the transfer of property owned by the Czech Railways to the RIA – in particular station buildings and the land underneath the tracks…

Czech Republic: Open-access… disrupting the rail status quo?

Issue 3 2015 / 4 June 2015 /

LEO Express is a Central Europe open-access passenger rail operator that is on mission to make train travel the first choice for passengers, by operating modern electric trains with the latest technology to compete with state railway systems and to set new high quality customer service standards. Since its first year of operation in 2012, LEO Express has transported over two million passengers and now connects over 30 cities in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. CEO, Leoš Novotný, goes into further details about their recent success and what they can offer passengers…

Progress made on Czech high speed rail project

Rail industry news / 23 April 2015 /

A joint venture has been appointed to establish the new Czech high speed rail project part of Trans European Transport Network’s Orient/East Med core corridor.

Vectron locomotive authorised in Czech Republic and Turkey

Rail industry news / 31 March 2015 /

Implementation of the multi-system version of the Siemens Vectron locomotive has been granted by Czech and Turkish rail authorities.

The SC Pendolino will travel from Prague to the Tatras and Košice

Rail industry news / 15 September 2014 /

Czech Railways (ČD) and Slovak Rail (ZSSK) have accelerated the connection from the Czech capital to Košice and the Tatras…

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