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Czech Railways (Ceské Dráhy) - Articles and news items

Czech Railways unveils hi-spec coaches on Prague – Hamburg route

Rail industry news / 23 August 2016 /

Czech Railways has announced it will be gradually introducing two modern coach types on international routes starting with the line from Prague to Hamburg.

Diesel multiple units tender announced for Czech Railways inland lines

Rail industry news / 19 April 2016 /

Czech Railways (ČD) has begun a tender process to select a supplier for up to 30 diesel multiple units for domestic fast-train connections.

Czech Railways to equip 663 vehicles with ETCS

Rail industry news / 14 April 2016 /

Czech Railways (ČD) has announced it will fit up to 663 railway vehicles with the mobile part of the European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2.

Modernisation and improvement brings a bright future for Ceské dráhy

Issue 1 2016 / 4 February 2016 /

The joint-stock company Ceské dráhy (CD) is one of the most important carriers in Central Europe, providing services for passenger transportation plus rail freight services through its subsidiary company, CD Cargo. For European Railway Review, Chairman of the Board of Directors at CD, Pavel Krtek, explains that improving the services it offers is having a positive all-round effect for the company…

The SC Pendolino will travel from Prague to the Tatras and Košice

Rail industry news / 15 September 2014 /

Czech Railways (ČD) and Slovak Rail (ZSSK) have accelerated the connection from the Czech capital to Košice and the Tatras…

Carrying out dynamic changes to secure future position

Issue 3 2009, Past issues / 15 May 2009 /

Aleš Ondruj, Executive Director Marketing and Communication, Czech Railways (Ceské Dráhy) discusses the ongoing transformation of Czech Railways.

Dynamic changes and positive growth

Issue 3 2006, Past issues / 31 May 2006 /

Czech Railways entered 2006 as a company driven by dynamic changes. Never in the history of the Czech Republic’s national railway carrier has the company experienced such tremendous dynamics, characterised by launches of new services, a massive modernisation of its fleet and infrastructure, and the primary focus on customers.