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Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) - Articles and news items

CER and UNIFE call for a Transport Pillar within the 2030 Framework for Climate and Energy Policies

Rail industry news / 26 June 2014 /

The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies and the Association of the European Rail Industry encourage the Member States to consider a transport dimension for the post 2020 climate and energy policies…

Why railway transport matters to sustainability goals

Issue 2 2014 / 11 April 2014 /

Transport poses two major sustainability challenges: greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and dependence on imported oil. Railway transportation has very favourable characteristics on both counts, making modal shift in favour of rail a naturally attractive policy goal.

Transport Council lights the way to a breakthrough in European rail research and gives green light for the ERA Regulation

Rail industry news / 14 March 2014 /

A satisfying compromise was found by Europe’s Transport Ministers for the legal framework of the Shift²Rail Joint Undertaking, well balancing the needs of railway undertakings and infrastructure managers as well as the European railway manufactures and suppliers…

European Parliament paves the way for the future of a healthy European railway sector

Rail industry news / 26 February 2014 /

The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies welcomes the outcome of the European Parliament vote on all aspects of the Fourth Railway Package…

Safety & Security supplement 2014

Issue 1 2014, Supplements, Z Homepage promo / 13 February 2014 /

Libor Lochman, Executive Director at the CER provides an article about how the industry should work together to combat metal theft, Jacques Colliard from the UIC covers ways that railways can safeguard their infrastructures and Christian Schang from SNCF details safety management operations for the French railway network…

TEN-T and CEF: another string to the railway sector’s bow

Rail industry news / 5 December 2013 /

The main focus of the new TEN-T Guidelines is to improve the interoperability and interconnections between modes…

Rail Forum Europe urges the need for customer-friendly IT solutions for rail travelers

Rail industry news / 28 November 2013 /

EU decision makers and rail stakeholders agree that IT systems in the rail sector should…

TEN-T and CEF: a step towards a Single European Railway area

Rail industry news / 19 November 2013 /

The plenary of the European Parliament formally adopted the Trans-European Transport Network Guidelines…

Delivering on passenger rights: Railways and national authorities reinforce their cooperation

Rail industry news / 15 October 2013 /

CER and CIT look forward to continue their exchange of views…

Safety Directive: A major step towards the Single European Rail Area

Rail industry news / 10 October 2013 /

This general approach is a step ahead towards the elimination of the burdensome administrative procedures…

High-Speed supplement

Issue 5 2013, Supplements / 4 October 2013 /

The potential of high-speed rail: CER’s perspective
Thalys: a model of highspeed mobility
HS2: building a connected Britain
Putting into service the Albacete to Alicante high-speed section

Taking rail ticket distribution to the next level: railways and ticket vendors launch the ‘Full Service Model’ initiative

Rail industry news / 1 October 2013 /

Building on modern IT developments, this initiative will strengthen business partnerships by making it easier and cheaper for both railways and ticket vendors…