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Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) - Articles and news items

Transport and greenhouse gas emissions: challenges for 2030

Issue 3 2017 / 10 May 2017 /

As the world’s population continues to rise at an unprecedented rate, so too does industry and the resultant need to move both people and goods. Progressive climate change as a consequence of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is a problem we are facing on a global scale – and it is not going away any time soon. The CER’s Libor Lochman, Executive Director, and Ethem Pekin, Senior Environmental Economist, explain the EU’s efforts toward countering this problem and highlight the greater effort needed in the cause.

Shaping the longer-term evolution of ERTMS

Rail industry news / 23 February 2017 /

On 14 February 2017, the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) released its 2015-2016 Annual Report which provides an overview of the association’s main focus during the last 18 months – one particular focus is ERTMS.

CER appoints Crister Fritzson as Acting Chairman

Rail industry news / 8 February 2017 /

The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) have announced the appointment of Crister Fritzson as its Acting Chairman.

CER urges EC to improve rail cargo’s regulatory framework by using ETD system

Rail industry news / 11 January 2017 /

The CER has urged the European Commission to ‘improve rail cargo’s regulatory framework instead of worsen it’ by using an ETD system instead of an arrangement developed for road.

Railways: an essential player in Europe’s security challenge

Issue 6 2016 / 23 November 2016 /

In this article for European Railway Review CER’s Libor Lochman (Executive Director) and Alena Havlova (Security Adviser) state what’s needed in order to tackle terrorism and other security-related risks within the European railway industry. Read their justification for why Member States, EU institutions and the private sector must get more involved, work more closely together and play an active role to ensure the continuity of railway services on which European citizens depend.

DB CEO Rüdiger Grube is elected as new CER Chairman

Rail industry news / 19 September 2016 /

The CER General Assembly has elected Deutsche Bahn CEO Rüdiger Grube as the Association’s new Chairman. The Association also welcomed Ukrainian Railways and Eurail Group as new partners…

The railway sector is ready to deliver transport decarbonisation

Issue 5 2016 / 6 September 2016 /

For European Railway Review, CER’s Libor Lochman (Executive Director) and Ethem Pekin (Environmental Economist) explain that decarbonising the transport sector remains a challenge and an opportunity for European policy makers and that low-carbon transport modes such as rail can contribute to effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Building a seamless European rail infrastructure for the future

Railway Extra / 1 September 2016 /

The European rail system was developed on a national basis and has undergone historic economic ups and downs. Presently more than one million employees ensure the day-to-day running of the system and aim to be prepared for the challenges of the future…

UITP and CER support update of Romanian Transport Master Plan

Rail industry news / 1 August 2016 /

The UITP and the Community of European Railways (CER) have applauded the Romanian government and especially the Romanian Transport Ministry for taking major steps to improve the Romanian Transport Master Plan (RTMP), particularly with regards to the measures foreseen for the country’s railways…

Industry calls on EU Commission to promote rail as a pillar of sustainable mobility

Rail industry news / 6 June 2016 /

CER (Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies) and UNIFE (European Rail Industry Association) have issued a joint paper highlighting rail as the backbone of sustainable mobility and key to transport decarbonisation.

Christian Kern steps down as CER Chairman to become Austrian Chancellor

Rail industry news / 17 May 2016 /

Christian Kern, current Chairman of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) and CEO of OeBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen) is to become Austria’s new Chancellor.

Industry works together to present Roadmap for Digital Railways

Rail industry news / 26 April 2016 /

Four railway associations have joined forces to present a joint Roadmap for digital railways to deploy digital technology across the industry.