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Claes Broström - Articles and news items

Rolling Stock Maintenance & Refurbishment supplement

Issue 4 2013, Supplements / 6 August 2013 /

Transforming the Heathrow Express fleet (Daniel Smith, Head of Engineering, Heathrow Express)
Fully controlled fleet maintenance boosts performance levels
Fleet maintenance optimisation (Christian Daniel, Maintenance Organisation Director, SNCF)

SJ meets competition and scores high with improved efficiency and new trains

Issue 5 2009, Past issues / 26 September 2009 /

SJ has been on quite a journey following its conversion to a limited-liability company. In 2002, SJ was an inefficient company on the verge of bankruptcy. Since then, the company has undergone tremendous change and is now market-focused. SJ has identified various customer groups and their needs and then developed products and services that satisfy as many travellers as possible. The company has created a flexible pricing model that enhances its profitability, despite a significant reduction in the lowest prices. Unnecessary costs have been eliminated, and the fleet is used more efficiently. SJ has reversed the trend and is now one of Europe’s most profitable rail companies, with all-time high profitability of a 13.9% return on equity achieved in 2008.

SJ is back on track

Issue 5 2007, Past issues / 26 September 2007 /

From the threat of bankruptcy to the position of a profitable travel company in just a few years, SJ is now crowning themselves as the most efficient and profitable train company in Europe. But with Sweden’s old rail infrastructure still in use means that SJ is struggling to keep up with the European standard of high-speed trains. Nevertheless, the increase of passenger numbers shows that the Swedish people have made a conscious choice for the environment. In an interview for the European Railway Review Claes Broström, Vice President of Fleet Management at SJ explains past, present and future investments.