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ACE (Association for Consultancy and Engineering) - Articles and news items

14 trains per hour on a 2-track rail section? The Dutch prove that it ISpossible!

Issue 1 2011 / 15 February 2011 /

Imagine: six intercity trains, six regional trains and two freight trains per hour in the morning and evening peak hours. In September 2010, the Dutch rail industry carried out a unique test named ‘Each ten minutes a train (ETMET)’ on a mainly two-track route. In a special interview for European Railway Review, Erik Sigger (NS) and Peter van Waveren (ProRail), Project Management of ETMET, explain that although this is the dream of every train passenger, is it really possible?

The answer seems to be yes, provisionally, because with a structural introduction of this metro-like system, there are a lot more factors than just arranging extra trains and staff, as was discovered by Dutch Railways (NS), infrastructure manager ProRail and the united freight railway undertakings Royal Dutch Transport Federation (KNV).

More than signals and sleepers

Issue 4 2010 / 3 August 2010 /

Rail transport is essential to the UK’s economy. The Eddington Transport Study of 2006 found a clear link between transport capacity and economic performance, and noted that transport was an enabler of economic growth rather than a creator of growth in itself. Crossrail, for example, is expected to generate around £36 billion of benefits to London and south east England1.

Rail network passenger numbers are growing. Passenger numbers in 2008/09 were approximately double those recorded in the early 1980s, and almost 300 million greater than in 1950 when the network was significantly larger2.