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Speaker Preview

Lennart Klerdal, Chairman of the Board, SWERIG

Speaker, Tuesday 16 April 2013

“The sector is growing and every year new companies are born”

Lennart Klerdal, Chairman Of The Board, Swedish Rail Industry Group SWERIG

Lennart Klerdal, Chairman Of The Board, Swedish Rail Industry Group SWERIG

Sweden is recognised for its car industry but few people outside the railway sector are aware that the country also has a huge railway industry. In the past, Swedish companies were able to deliver complete train sets but over the years, mergers and acquisitions within the railway sector have changed the structure of the European railway industry, and also that of Sweden. Today the Swedish railway sector consists of a great number of big and small companies which are highly specialised in their niches. The sector is growing and every year new companies are born. Apart from the leading companies like Bombardier and SKF, there are a lot of small and medium size companies delivering products and services to the Swedish and to the international railway sector. Today Sweden has a rail industry which can offer almost all the competence which is asked for in planning, building, operating and maintaining a railway system.

A great competitive advantage for the Swedish rail industry on the Scandinavian rail market is that we live and work in a country that fights against an extreme winter climate every year.

During my presentation at Scandinavian Rail Development 2013, I will highlight some key areas which are representative of the Swedish rail industry and which have formed the basis for a successful export industry. Some examples of growing export companies will also be presented. The total export from the Swedish rail industry is approximately €2 billion per year. The main export markets are Scandinavia, Europe and the Far East.

To support the Swedish export industry, the Swedish Trade Council (Business Sweden) formed SWERIG1 – the Swedish Rail Industry Group – in late-1980. It is an organisation for supporting Swedish companies with export of products and services to the international railway sector and over the years, SWERIG has become an independent organisation. The SWERIG member companies supply worldwide infrastructure owners and train operators with advanced railway technology services, products and systems in a wide range of areas.

The area of competences for the Swedish rail industry has significantly increased since the deregulation of the Swedish railway. Of course this is partly due to new technologies being available, but the core competences that formed SWERIG more than 20 years ago are still available in Sweden. Many of the SWERIG member companies are centres of excellence in their worldwide organisation.

Apart from traditional components and systems for rolling stock and infrastructure, the software products for railway applications are probably the fastest growing part of the Swedish rail industry sector. The applications for rolling stock and infrastructure products will be presented during Scandinavian Rail Development 2013.

Like in most industry sectors, the aspect of service plays a big part in the overall sector – and this is also true for the Swedish rail industry. Consultancy services for planning, design and utilisation of railways is growing both within Sweden and on the international market.

To support and guide international customers to the Swedish rail industry, SWERIG welcomes all customers on the international rail market to use our organisation as a contact forum to the Swedish rail industry, and we welcome new Swedish members who would like to use our organisation as a lever to increase their export to the international railway sector.




Lennart Klerdal is the Chairman of the Board of SWERIG. He has many years of experience in technical design as well as marketing and management of companies supplying products as well as services to the railway sector and to other industrial sectors on the international market.


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