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Travel Design - your partner for more efficient rail transport

Front hatch mechanism by Travel Design

Front hatch mechanism by Travel Design

Travel Design is a consultancy that has carried out many different assignments within the entire rail sector over the last 20 years on an international basis. We are part of the extensive drive to develop and improve rolling stock towards more efficient rail operations and more satisfied customers. Our customers are:

  • Authorities
  • Freight and Passenger Operators
  • Vehicle owners
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Refurbishment companies
  • Component Manufacturers

How we work

Travel Design Business Concept

Travel Design Business Concept

The guiding principle for Travel Design is customised turnkey solutions. In our projects we work with a network of specialists covering many areas of expertise. This enables us to optimise our team and the results for each individual assignment.

Our network of partners also enables us to work in broad areas and with large, complex assignments. Regardless of the size of the assignment, we create customer value through high knowledge content, straight forward communication and professional project management.

We work hard to use environment friendly solutions. The world's first biogas passenger train is developed by us and is in full operation since a couple of years.

What we offer

Travel Design offers services for end users as well as services for suppliers.

Our business concept is to offer total solutions to contracted price, scope, and delivery time.

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