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KEYMILE is a leading manufacturer of Next-Generation data transmission systems. The product portfolio includes flexible and robust multi-service access platforms that combine Ethernet/IP, TDM, SDH/PDH and ATM technology, as well as stand-alone transmission solutions. KEYMILE systems implement data and Ethernet services, traditional and IP-based voice services, Ethernet-over-SDH transmission plus add/drop multiplexing to railway and energy supplier telecommunications networks, as well as data transmission in mobile and professional radio networks. KEYMILE’s data transmission systems provide carrier grade quality and are ideal for outdoor use. The company, with headquarters in Hanover, Germany, has subsidiaries and partners worldwide, and has installed systems in more than 100 countries.


Rising levels of mobility produce higher velocity and cycle rhythms on railway networks, which cause increased security requirements and increased demand for information and broadband communication services for customers. However, legacy network technologies and parallel networks are unsuitable for meeting these demands. It is better to provide a multi-service backbone network for all services. This means lower investment outlay, simplification of operations, lower OPEX and the future-proofing for new applications and services.
With KEYMILE's flexible system design you can deliver any service in any network. KEYMILE's products offer a wide range of data, voice and IP interfaces, integrated SDH-function and service availability levels at 99.999%. This makes KEYMILE's product family the ideal choice for telecommunications networks for railways.


MileGate is a flexible access and transmission platform that can provide Ethernet and native TDM technology from a single subrack. It provides connections to users and access points via copper wires and optical fibre. MileGate boasts a hybrid TDM and Ethernet backplane with a connection of up to 10 GBE per slot; this ensures high performance for Ethernet services. Traditional services like analogue telephony, synchronous and asynchronous low bandwidth TDM connections; and interfaces can also be provided thanks to its TDM capabilities. Carrier class protection and redundancy functions for TDM and Ethernet connections ensure highest availability. CEoP (Circulation Emulation over Packet) is available to provide seamless migration from TDM to Ethernet, providing the ability to transport TDM services on an Ethernet/IP network. With its variety of services and interfaces, compact subracks and extended range of temperatures in which it can operate, MileGate is ideal for indoors or outdoors use. All services provided by MileGate are configured and monitored by a central network management system.


UMUX is a hardened multi-service system that integrates a wide variety of applications and interfaces. UMUX provides multiplexing and aggregation as well as optical transport of data in a compact network element. This allows railway companies to consolidate all their telecom requirements on a single telecommunications network made of UMUX systems simply and safely. Due to its sophisticated Ethernet over SDH (EoS) functionality, UMUX was accredited by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport for use in closed transmission networks, in accordance with the safety standard EN 50129-1. The UMUX platform from KEYMILE is the only multi-service transmission system that has this accreditation in Switzerland – a leading country in railway technology and solutions.


XMP1 is a modular multi-service access system, designed for usage in dedicated networks. It has a variety of interfaces for providing voice and data services as well as Ethernet, video and teleprotection. The services can be transmitted via an SDH-/PDH network and/or SHDSL paths. The XMP1 is exceptional for its high level of availability, support of different protection switches and low processing times. As a result, it is ideal for usage in networks where mission-critical data has to be transmitted. The XMP1 is typically used in public transport and railway companies in transmitting data for: public address systems, emergency call installations, signalling and control systems, access controls, company telephony, train tracking, binary contacts, axle counters, alarm systems and monitoring electrical substation.

InnoTrans XMP1-LCC

The XMP1-LCC is a modular, compact access multiplexer, which is ideal as an access multiplexer in the SDH backbone. Thanks to its vast cross-connect capacity and high number interfaces, it consolidates incoming PDH and Ethernet data for forwarding to the SDH backbone network. The XMP1-LCC belongs to the XMP1 family and supports the protection functions and operation modes of the XMP1 multi-service access multiplexer. Typical public transport and railway company applications are: E1 and Ethernet access multiplexers in the SDH backbone.

LineRunner SCADA NG

LineRunner SCADA NG is a versatile and hardened next generation multi-drop system providing an economical and reliable transmission solution of up to 11.4 Mbps in telecontrol and automation applications. LinerRunner SCADA NG’s supports Ethernet and RS232 user interfaces. So it’s perfectly designed for supporting telecontrol and automation data, as well as transporting IP video surveillance and VoIP telephony traffic flows. Thanks to its small size and flexible powering concept, LineRunner SCADA NG fits into almost every location.

Typical client sub-systems served by KEYMILE telecommunication systems within public transportation and railway applications are as folllows:

  • Passenger information systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Point of sale systems
  • Access control systems
  • Public address systems
  • WLAN hotspots
  • Traffic control and railway signalling systems
  • Railway field equipment
  • Tunnel automation systems
  • Alarm systems
  • GSM-R
  • Analogue train radio
  • Telephone systems
  • Emergency telephone systems
  • Corporate data network systems

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