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Rugged Computers for Tough Environments

The powerful Nautiz eTicket PDA

The maintenance of railways is obviously a field where rugged tools are needed. Field professionals, working in harsh environments cannot worry about their unit breaking down because of some rainy or cold weather. Durable features such as resistance to shock, temperature changes and vibration are of key significance. The importance of long battery life is also obvious as recharging is not always possible for field workers. This is also true for on board personnel, such as train conductors. When using a full featured and rugged handheld computer, field professionals can communicate project progress with a central office, and carry design plans without the worry of protecting them from the elements and do complex job calculation on the fly.

Powerful handheld PDAs for e-ticket validation

The rugged and powerful Nautiz eTicket is a feature-rich PDA that has been developed specifically for the public transportation sector, with a focus on mobility and the latest technological solutions. Nautiz eTicket has a built-in smart card reader which supports various ISO14443 type A/B, and ISO 15693 RFID devices, including MIFARE and ICODE. The contactless electronic link between the card and the reader allows for the fast transaction needed in transportation security and payment systems. The Nautiz eTicket also integrates a 3 megapixel autofocus camera, 2D imager, WLAN, GSM/UMTS voice (3G) and high-speed HSDPA data connectivity. It has a powerful 806 MHz XScale processor and full VGA sunlight-readable touch-screen display. The Nautiz X5 is IP65 rated and can withstand drops from 1.8 meters.

Integrated GSM/GPRS, barcode, WLAN and camera

The slim and rugged M3 eTicket

Just like the Nautiz eTicket, the slim M3 eTicket rugged PDA was designed for payment transactions and ticket validation. The M3 eTicket survives falls from 1.5 meters and withstands dust, water and extreme temperatures. Besides a contactless smartcard reader, the M3 eTicket integrates a barcode reader, WLAN, Bluetooth, camera, and GSM/GPRS. It is exceptionally light, which is important for workforces such as train conductors, who carry their equipment all day. The M3 eTicket was chosen by Swedish Rail (SJ) when implementing new mobile computers for the train conductors. It is also used globally in several other transportation applications.

Ultra-rugged and IP67-rated computers

The ultra rugged Nautiz X7 handheld

Railway maintenance workers and inspectors need a mobile computer that is as reliable in bright sunlight and summer heat as it is in heavy rain or extremely cold weather. The Nautiz X7, the TDS Nomad and Recon PDAs, and the Yuma tablet PC are all ultra-rugged and IP67-rated computers. This means that these computers are impervious to both dust and water. Handhelds like these are perfect for high technology industrial measurement and control solutions as well as updating of field maintenance tools such as switch systems and tie inspection. Nautiz X7 and ultra-rugged handheld PDA As a true outdoor rugged handheld, the Nautiz X7 meets the rigorous MIL-STD-810G military standard for drops, vibration, humidity, altitude and extreme temperatures. The Nautiz X7 offers a powerful 806 MHz XScale processor, 128MB onboard RAM, and 4GB of Flash storage. A 5,600mAh Li-ion battery can easily work all day without a recharge, and the full VGA touch-screen display offers sharp, high-resolution graphics even in bright sunlight.

Integrated 3G, camera and GPS

The Algiz 8 tablet PC

In addition to integrated GPS, Bluetooth and WLAN, the Nautiz X7 also has a built-in 3Mpx camera with autofocus and LED flash, 3G capability for GSM/UMTS phone and data transmission. It is completely sealed SDIO slot allows even more configuration options. The Handheld Group also supplies the whole M3 product family, the Algiz tablet computers and the rugged Extech printers. For more information about products and ruggedness please visit www.handheldgroup.com

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