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Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH is specialized in the field of vibration isolation in railway, industrial and construction applications. The company has been manufacturing materials for vibration isolation and mitigation since 1975 and is one of the leading companies in this field. The high-tech materials Sylomer® and Sylodyn® were developed by Getzner’s own research team and are used in the construction of permanent ways for railroads, for the elastic mounting of buildings and equipment and as building components in the construction industry.

Along with the plants in Bürs (Austria), Grünwald by Munich (Germany) and Berlin (Germany), Getzner Werkstoffe also has branch offices in Japan, China, Jordan and India. The tight distribution network in Europe is complemented with distribution partners in the USA, South America and Asia. Partners in a total of 35 countries around the world are involved in the distribution of Getzner Werkstoffe’s products.

A certified environmental management system ensures that the principles of environmental protection are followed in all of the company’s fields of activity.

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