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WTMS is developing at light speed, creating huge opportunities to reduce costs & increase reliability

17 October 2016  •  Author: RailTech

WTMS railtech

New WTMS devices and software are leading the way for digitalisation of railways. Implementing these highly sophisticated systems, Train Operators and Infrastructure Managers can reduce cost and increase reliability substantially. Using onboard Infra Monitoring Systems, Predictive Maintenance is becoming the standard. Combining the big amount of data that becomes available, the rail industry can fully unleash the power of WTMS and Infra monitoring systems.

The Intelligent Rail Summit 2016 is part of the RailTech Expert Series and organised in cooperation with Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) and the Graz University of Technology (TU Graz). The focus point of the Intelligent Rail Summit will be set on three individual themes: 

22 November 2016: Wayside Train Monitoring Systems

23 November 2016: Rail Infrastructure Measuring & Monitoring

24 November 2016: Big Data in Railway Operations

For more information please check: www.railtech.com

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