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LIVE: Q & A with David Stuckey, Selectrail

21 September 2016  •  Author(s): Ian Hall, European Railway Review

Join our European Railway Review correspondent Ian Hall as he wanders the halls of InnoTrans. In this quick Q & A, Ian interviews David Stuckey, Director, Selectrail.


Tell us more about Selectrail…

We’re based in Australia and employ a couple of hundred people. We service a lot of the Australian and Asian market. We sell to all the big firms: Alstom, Bombardier, Siemens, and so on. We are here at InnoTrans because we have a new product called SelectiQ: the world’s first digital signalling relay. We’re the only ones in the world making such a product.

So, it’s your first visit to InnoTrans?

Yes, it’s my first time.

Why now, in 2016?

The decision to come this year was all dependent on the development of SelectiQ. Our stand here is the launch.

Tell us more about SelectIQ…

In the UK, for example, relay design is from the 1950s. No-one has updated them and so they are starting to not be so compatible with signalling systems in general. We have a retrofit upgrade. SelectiQ would a great help to Network Rail.

What have you made of InnoTrans so far?

If you’re in the railway industry, you know about InnoTrans – it’s huge, the biggest such event in the world. Being big has the advantage of bringing a load of people to the event. But if you’re looking for potential customers who don’t know you it’s difficult to get traffic to your stand. At a smaller event, people can’t miss you. Frankly, I need to get my wife here and out of Berlin’s shops (before I run out of money!), to help me see more of what’s going on.


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