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High-Speed Rail Developments supplement 2016

In our latest free-to-view High-Speed Rail Developments Supplement:

  • High Speed Rail Developments 2016Andrew McNaughton, Chief Engineer & Technical Director of HS2 provides an update of the project
  • Turkish high-speed expansion is covered by İsa Apaydın, Director General of TCDD
  • and Ailie MacAdam, Director of HSRIL addresses skills challenges within the industry.

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One response to “High-Speed Rail Developments supplement 2016”

  1. Jankowski says:

    Anything and everything about High Speed Rail developments the world over are welcome! Allow me to share your knowledge in this realm, and some day I may be able to share mine with you, notably with regard to ‘HSR serving major airports’.
    For the time being, thank you the two publications on (1) what Professor McNaughton thinks about HS2, and on (2) progress in Turkey’s HSR programme implementation.

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