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Whitepaper: Fiber reinforced plastics instead of aluminum

22 August 2016  •  Author(s): Röchling Engineering Plastics SE & Co. KG

In this free-to-view whitepaper, Röchling discuss glass fiber reinforced plastics and how they have conquered many fields of the public transport market.

Whitepaper: Fiber reinforced plastics instead of aluminumAbstract

Glass fiber reinforced plastics have conquered many fields of the public transport market thanks to their characteristics.

Interior and exterior paneling made of pultrusion profiles can be found as exterior claddings of tramways or regional trains, roof ornamental covers, covers of air conditioning installations and pantograph bearings, as well as for interior claddings of railway vehicles. They have got characteristics which classical materials are not able to offer.

Pultrusion profiles with their low density of only 1.85 g/cm³ can represent a considerate economy of weight compared to aluminum (2.7 g/cm³) and other non-ferrous metals, for example. Further important advantages are the resistance against corrosion, characteristics of electric and thermal insulation, excellent stability and definable deformability behavior…

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