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Solution Paper: Winning the rail franchise bid

5 September 2016  •  Author(s): Quintiq

This solution paper from Quintiq shows you how to put your rail franchise bid at the frontline with: a resilient timetable, optimal rolling stock, crew planning and complex unit & crew diagramming that can be created and revised quickly in real time.


Whitepaper: Winning the rail franchise bidRail operations are increasingly franchised out to private companies. This shift in operations responsibility promotes efficiency, drives innovation, and minimizes the long-term costs to the government.

The competition among train operating companies (TOCs) to win bids or extend their contracts brings favorable outcomes to both the government and passengers.

As a TOC, a high level of service excellence and punctuality is a given, and efficiency that reduces costs is expected. What will truly set you apart in the bidding competition is the ability to optimize timetables and your most expensive resources – rolling stock and crew.

Smart and cost-effective technology ensures success not only at the bidding stage, but in execution as well. This solution paper shows you how you can put your bid at the frontline with:

  • A resilient timetable that fulfills the services demand with the least amount of resources
  • Optimal rolling stock that uses your resources effectively
  • Crew planning that takes into account various constraints
  • Complex unit & crew diagramming that can be created and revised quickly in real time

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