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Video: Norfolk Southern Rail Case Study – Boost Safety & Efficiency with IP Networking

4 July 2016  •  Author(s): Nokia

Moving passengers and freight safely requires a mission-critical communications network that is improves overall security and enhances the passenger experience. The good news is that a resilient IP/MPLS network meets this two-fold challenge, efficiently and cost-effectively while supporting future railway operations expansion. But is an IP/MPLS communications network right for you?

Webinar: Internet of Trains 2.0 – Getting more return from your rail assets

This webinar will describe how rail operators and maintainers can use such data to improve their businesses and generate more return from their assets. Detailed examples will show how availability of rail assets can be improved and what will be possible with such data in the future.

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One of the largest Class 1 railway operators in the US with a 34,600 km network – Norfolk Southern – is upgrading its legacy communications network to IP/MPLS. Check out this video case study to hear first hand why this US rail operator has chosen this approach.

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