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Deutsche Bahn expands cooperation with China

13 June 2016  •  Author: Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, European Railway Review,

Deutsche Bahn has signed two memoranda of understanding with China, extending its cooperation and presence within the Chinese rail market.

Deutsche Bahn expands cooperation with China

On the 13 June, Dr Rüdiger Grube CEO of Deutsche Bahn (DB) signed two agreements relating to high-speed rail traffic maintenance and a regional transport project in Dalian, during Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to China.

“We wish to benefit from the growth and potential in China”

Speaking in Beijing, Dr Rüdiger Grube said, “The People’s Republic of China is an important market for us and will remain so in future. In view of the plans to invest more than 300 billion euros in transport infrastructure, we wish to benefit from the growth and potential in China. Our expertise is in high demand and our successful international activities also strengthen our position in our home market of Germany.”

Deutsche Bahn signs MoU with CRRC

The first agreement with Chinese rolling stock manufacturer CRRC (China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation) reaffirms the continued cooperation in the establishment and optimisation of a maintenance system for high-speed multiple units and the provision of mutual support in remedying operating problems related to wheel-on-rail contact. China Railway Corporation (CRC) currently operates a 9,000-km long high-speed network with a fleet of 1,400 trains. DB will provide maintenance and repair support for the company.

Consultancy on regional transport routes in Dalian

The second agreement, DB Engineering & Consulting, as part of a consortium will provide consultancy on the operation of regional transport routes in the city of Dalian which has a population of 6 million. DB engineers will be “the first foreigners to work on a regional transport project in China,” said Dr. Grube. 


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