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Signalling & Telecommunications supplement

Signalling & Telecommunications Supplement 2016In this Signalling & Telecommunications Supplement:

  • The ERTMS ambition: a European success hanging in the balance
    Recognised as the voice of European railways for more than 25 years, the role of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) is to represent the interests of its members by actively providing input to EU policy. Their objective is to contribute to a regulatory environment that enhances business opportunities for European railway operator and infrastructure companies. With regards to the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS), CER monitors and evaluates the implementation of ERTMS policies in close cooperation with its members. As CER’s Executive Director Libor Lochman and Senior Technical Advisor Jean-Baptiste Simonnet explain, it is through CER’s permanent dialogue with the legislators and other stakeholders that they are able to provide strategic visions as well as detailed opinions on the laws in order to promote better regulation for ERTMS development and deployment.
  • ERTMS success: long-term planning and stability
    The association of European Rail Infrastructure Managers (EIM) was established in 2002 to promote the interests and views of independent infrastructure managers in Europe. With 12 members and two associate members, EIM represents over 50% of the EU’s railway lines. Currently, all EIM members have ERTMS projects implemented, ongoing or under planning for future deployment, establishing them as the key players in the development of ERTMS. But as EIM Executive Director Monika Heiming explains, in order for progression and success, the industry end-users must make their voices heard.
  • Show preview: UIC ERTMS World Conference

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