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Dutch operator equips railway staff with body cameras

13 October 2015  •  Author: Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, European Railway Review

In a trial lasting 6 months, Dutch operator NS will equip railway staff with CCTV body cameras in a measure against aggressive behaviour.

Dutch operator equips railway staff with body cameras

The trial is part of a wider NS and government package to tackle aggression towards railway staff following several violent attacks last year.

Initially, the body cameras will be deployed to those most at risk from aggressive behaviour including rail security staff. “The trial will show whether body cams have a de-escalating effect in difficult situations and that the cameras provide an extra sense of security to our colleagues. Experiences in other countries and the police are positive,” said Frank Reitsma, Director of Corporate Security at NS.

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Railway staff body cameras transmit live images of an aggressive situation to NS Security Centre for appropriate response

This month will see the first employees at stations equipped with the new CCTV body cameras. The user will be able to switch on the device the moment and unsafe situation ensues. The camera will record both image and sound and transmitted live to the NS Security Centre where staff can deploy additional backup either NS staff or police if necessary.

NS may extend the trial beyond the initial six month period following examination of whether the body cameras usage can be extended to additional network staff. In the interim, NS have implemented additional measures to improve security including accelerated gate closing to avoid fare evasion and additional security staff on late night trains.

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