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Stadler receives first order for bi-modal trains

14 May 2015  •  Author: Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, European Railway Review

Stadler revealed it has secured a contract to supply the Valle d’Aosta Region of north-west Italy with five bi-modal trains (BMU).

Stadler receives first order for bi-modal trains

The contract, worth €43 million, will supply five bi-model FLIRT3 type trains which are able to operate in either diesel or electric mode. The bi-modal trains are due for delivery in 2018 and will serve the line between the region of Aosta and Turin.

The FLIRT3 has been designed to cover the full range of possible EMUs, DMUs and BEMUs train configurations, allowing customisation of operational functions and features. Each train unit consists of 3 passenger cars and an intermediate Diesel PowerPack Module. The three car trains are equipped with 178 seats, out of which 19 are tip-up seats. The trains have a maximum speed of 160 km/h in E-mode and 140 km/h in D-mode and are constructed of lightweight aluminium to reduce energy consumption. The power equipment for the three-car bi-modal train has a maximum delivery power capacity of 2’600 kW in electric mode, under 3kV catenary and of 700 kW in Diesel mode.

In addition to construction of the bi-modal trains, the contract includes staff training, technical documentation, spares and a full-maintenance agreement for five years. The contract provides the option to order a further five trains for take up within a 36 month period from the last train delivered. The maintenance agreement can also be extended for a further three years extending the estimated contract value to € 94million.

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