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Framework contract for rail maintenance services in Croatia signed

5 January 2015  •  Author: Vossloh Kiepe

On December 22, 2014 the framework contract between HŽ INFRASTRUKTURA and VOSSLOH RAIL SERVICES for rail maintenance services in Croatia was signed in Zagreb.

The framework agreement which has been signed, with a contract value of approximately 4.5 million Euros, includes rail measurement and testing, data analysis, and rail machining using different technological procedures.

Framework contract for rail maintenance services in Croatia signed

“Through a prior survey of the current condition of the track infrastructure as part of our intelligent rail-management process, it is possible, depending on the condition and age of the rails, to select, plan and implement the commercially most viable maintenance scheme from the large portfolio of alternatives available”, says Guido Hanspach, Director for International Sales & Marketing of Vossloh Rail Services.

Ivan Vuković, Board Member of HŽ INFRASTRUKTURA, emphasizes, “This contract will help us to extend the useful life of rails and thereby save costs of infrastructure in the medium term.”

A valuable contribution to rail maintenance and noise minimization will be made by the High Speed Grinding (HSG) method; rail maintenance by timetable, with no impact on the normal train service.

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