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Rail Winter Operations supplement

In our exclusive Rail Winter Operations supplement:

  • Rail Winter Operations SupplementNorway’s railways: Winning the fight against snow
    Jernbaneverket’s Guttorm Moss and his colleagues explain how Jernbaneverket’s winter preparedness programme is rolled-out, plus how extreme cold weather affects the Bergen Line.
  • Keeping rail moving in Finland during winter
    Despite harsh weather conditions, the Finnish railway network is kept open to traffic at all times. Markku Nummelin – Technical Director for the Finnish Transport Agency – explains how this is achieved.
  • Climatic testing: Making rolling stock and track infrastructure fit for the winter
    Gabriel Haller – Technical Director and Executive Manager of Rail Tec Arsenal gives details of what tests rolling stock undergo in the Vienna Climatic Wind Tunnel operated by Rail Tec Arsenal in order to identify potential problems in advance of them being placed into service.

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