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B-WARM and B-WOODLESS: innovative products for the railway industry

24 September 2014  •  Author: Bellotti

From September 23 to September 26, Bellotti will be in Berlin participating to InnoTrans, the leading international exhibition dedicated to the world of technology for railroad transportation, where major innovations for the international railway sector are presented.

For a few years, Bellotti has been strengthening its presence in the ever expanding and continuously growing market of the railway, setting up and investing in people and research for new products.
In this sector, Bellotti deals in particular with the design, manufacture and installation of complete flooring systems that in addition to wood-based panels include also anti-vibration systems, linoleum and rubber coatings or – whenever required – integrated heating systems. These systems offer reduced weight, improved sound insulation and vibration absorption, resistance to fire and smoke and fast assembly.

At InnoTrans, Bellotti will introduce two new flooring solutions for railway wagons: B-WARM and B-WOODLESS.

B-WARM is an innovative heated flooring system that can be cut to size even after manufacturing, maintaining unchanged its technical features. It is a sophisticated solution that solves the challenge of heating railway wagons, allowing energy savings and at the same time ensuring ease of installation. It is a high-tech product that offers better performance respect to conventional heating systems, and ensures a comfortable environment for all passengers.
B-WARM was designed and developed in collaboration with AGT Engineering.

B-WOODLESS is an extremely innovative product, still in the process of being perfected, which, for the first time in the history of Bellotti, does not require the use of wood. It is a composite product that meets the needs of those markets, such as the railway sector, that for certification reasons do not allow the use of wood. Bellotti was capable of applying its knowledge and technologies to create a solution that, even without wood, maintains the advantages and peculiarities of the more traditional flooring systems offered by the company. Some of the features of this product are improved respect to wooden solutions, such as the reduced weight.

For the development and implementation of these products, Bellotti makes use of two strategic partnerships: the first is with AGT Engineering, a company focused on product innovation, design, and project management; the second is ANGST + PFISTER to develop flooring systems using special inserts, natural and new generation floor coverings, high-tech sub-floorings and environmentally friendly inserts for woodless panels.

The following are some of the projects in railway and public transit sectors for which Bellotti, together with its partners, developed and supplied products: Frecciarossa and Italo, Line 5 (Expo 2015) of the Milan subway; Madrid, Taipei and Copenhagen subways, as well as buses in Melbourne and Los Angeles and many others.

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